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How does it work?

  • Take a photo of the guest's passport

    You can submit it to us via:
    • Website
    • Telegram Chat (easier if no computer is around)
    At this point your work is done and we will do the rest.
  • Our robot extracts the data from the passport photo

    Our AI automatically extracts all technical data from the passport. It accepts even photos of very bad quality (blurry, rotated, etc...).
  • Our robot fills out the immigration forms

    Our system connects with the Immigration Bureau on your behalf and submits the TM30 forms. If the Immigration Bureau's systems are not responding or very slow (which happens often), the robot will automatically try again every 5 minutes.
  • All done

    Once everything is done we will send you a confirmation with the information that we received from the Immigration Bureau. You can then download the actual receipt (if needed) in your control panel.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is TM30?

TM30 is a form used by the Immigration Bureau of Thailand. Property owners, like those running hotels, apartments, or guest houses, must fill out and submit this form each time a foreigner checks into their property. According to the law, this should be done within the first 24 hours of the guest's arrival. You can submit the TM30 form either in-person at a local immigration office or online, with the online option being more convenient.

2. What is it for?

The primary purpose of TM30 forms is to monitor the whereabouts of foreigners in Thailand, regulated by Section 38 of the 1979 Immigration Act. In some cases, certain immigration offices may require TM30 confirmations when you're applying for visa extensions or residence certificates. It's a way to ensure that authorities are aware of the presence and movements of foreign individuals within the country.

3. If I'm a tourist, do I have to fill out a TM30 form?

You don't have to fill out the TM30 form yourself if you're a guest. The responsibility lies with the place where you're staying. However, if you plan to extend your visa and the immigration office requests it, you may need confirmation that the TM30 form was submitted. In such cases, you can ask the owner of the place where you're staying for that confirmation.

4. Do I need to submit myself if I am owner the property?

Yes, if you're a foreigner and you own a property in Thailand, you need to submit a TM30 form each time you arrive at your own property. This applies not only to yourself but also to other foreign individuals staying with you at the property.

5. How can help me?

We can easily register your residence with the immigration bureau. All we need is the ID card of the residence owner and either the blue book or title deed. We can also submit TM30 forms using passport scans, which is a faster process, especially if you have multiple guests. The official website might be complex, but we simplify the entire procedure, making it quick and hassle-free for you.

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