Thailand's TM30 form (2024 update)

If you are planning a trip to Thailand for either business or pleasure, you may already be acquainted with the TM30 form. Due to recent changes in the laws controlling this reporting process, there is a lot of outdated and conflicting information available. However, it's still easy and we will explain why.

What is TM30?

The Thai government use the TM30 immigration form to keep track of foreigners' locations within the country. This applies to both long and short visits by foreigners.


This reporting system has existed since the 1970s, but its enforcement has tightened in recent years. This was done to gather more current tourist statistics.


When immigrants register and update their addresses, the authorities may locate people whose visas have expired or who are working illegally. It also indicates that foreign criminals and terrorists shouldn't shelter in Thailand. It also helps the government monitor which regions have the most visitors. This shows tourist patterns.

I'm going to Thailand soon. Do I have to fill out a TM30?

You do not need to submit a TM30 for yourself. Instead, this must be completed within 24 hours of your arrival by the owners of the lodging where you are staying. A fine of 800THB, increasing to 1600THB/person for the property owner, can be imposed for failure to accomplish this.

If you are the owner of the property where you are staying in, then yes, you need to submit a TM30 for yourself.

So as a guest, I don't have to worry about it?

In short:

  1. If your stay is up to 1 month, then you don't have to worry.
  2. If you plan to extend your stay, then probably you might want to check if your landlord submitted the TM30 for you.

Even if the host is in charge of reporting guests, failing to do so could result in problems for the tourist. The TM30 return slip for your lodging may be required when you visit immigration for 90-day reporting or visa extensions. Whether or not the immigration agency or official strictly enforces this provision is up to them. It is advisable to make sure everything has been done correctly and you are still adequately covered during your stay in Thailand because some insurance companies additionally need a TM30 return slip to reimburse hospital bills after the patient is discharged.

Submit TM30 online via (easiest way)

Even though you shouldn't have to, you can register yourself if you're worried that your host or landlord won't do it for you and you want to make sure that your stay is legal. All you have to do is complete the steps below.

  1. Go to our main page, click "Start now".
  2. Complete the registration process, and then click "Add residence".
  3. Fill in the address and other information requested by our system.
  4. Wait for the approval (takes 1 minute on average).
  5. Upload the scan of your passport as a guest.
  6. Click "Print Confirmation" and print the confirmation image (if needed).

It's that simple.

What if I am the owner of the property that I am staying in?

According to the laws governing immigration in Thailand, all guests who do not come from Thailand are required to fill out a TM30 form and register within the first 24 hours of their arrival. This covers non-Thais who rent out a home, foreigners who live with a Thai spouse, as well as foreign visitors staying in a Thai household. If guests are not properly registered, the owner of the property or the landlord may be subject to a fine of 800 baht, which may increase to 1600 baht per unregistered individual, as well as potential difficulties for themselves and their guests. It's possible that you'll need a TM30 return form in order to pay for health insurance, extend your visa, or report your 90-day status. Even if it could take a little bit of time, submitting TM30 is still highly crucial.

Last update: 2024-06-01 14:05


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