How does it work?

  • Take a photo of the guest's passport

    You can submit it to us via:
    • Website
    • Telegram Chat (easier if no computer is around)
    • Whatsapp Chat (feature in development)
    At this point your work is done and we will do the rest.
  • Our robot extracts the data from the passport photo

    Our AI automatically extracts all technical data from the passport. It accepts even photos of very bad quality (blurry, rotated, etc...).
  • Our robot fills out the immigration forms

    Our robot logins into the Immigration Bureau's website under your username/password and fills out the TM30 form. If the Immigration Bureau's website is not responding or very slow (which happens often), the robot will automatically try again every 5 minutes.
  • All done

    Once everything is done we will send you a confirmation with the information that we received from the Immigration Bureau. You can then download the actual receipt (if needed) in your control panel.

Making TM30 quick and easy.

* This website is not affiliated with Government, the Immigration Bureau or the Royal Police. We provide a service which submits TM 30 forms automatically on your behalf through the official Immigration Bureau website without having for you to type in the guest details. How it works?
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